There is a Reason…

Every time that you wake up breathing, Every night when you close your eyes, Every day that your heart keeps beating, Everytime you dance to the music, Everytime you reach out and help someone…

✨There’s purpose for your life✨

So don’t give up. Don’t lay down. 

Live your Adventure. 

Just hold on. Don’t quit now.

Every breath that you take has meaning. Every smile you share gives light.  You are here for a reason so live your life with passion and be the change you want to see in the world. 


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Hard work can be so much fun when we do it together

Not gonna lie, feeling pretty darn fortunate that I have such great friends in this world. This ability to bring great skaters together I have to say thank you to my friend Jay Lodge for believing in @jodeyne and I all these years we have worked together on Spirit Projects. But being asked and allowed to bring year after year great skaters from around the world 🌎 is an honour. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to stand on the ice with family from the show world who mean the world to us. They kick butt on the ice. Dazzle the world with their abilities and make us smile every single day. Thanks for being in our lives and giving all your heart ❤️. We miss everyone whom can’t be with us right now especially Anastasia and Alexi whom we wish could be with us but could not be here due to the damage Hurricane Matthew caused to the Palace Theatre. No matter what #iceskatersrock #theteamrocks #dancersrock #thecrewrocks #thesingersrock and we are so glad we can help promote skaters for the future with the Spirit and SeaJo families working together to make magical moments happen on stage for people all over the world. Cheers to #ChristmasOnIce #2016 #letsdothis #notevenalittlebit #funtimes😊 #Christmas

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Walk The Walk – London 2012

This past Saturday Sean and I entered the Walk The Walk Moon Walk Marathon that was taking place in London. It was a 26.2 mile marathon that raises money for breast cancer awareness. Taking part in a Marathon is something that I have always wanted to do but I never imagined that I would be able to follow through and complete the entire distance. But, with the help of Sean and a gentlemen that we met by the name of  Charlie ( who I will talk about shortly) I did it. In just 9 hours I completed the entire thing.

We arrived for the event in Hyde Park at around 7 but they were not letting us into the tent until 8 so we took a seat on the chairs on the grass to wait for the hour to pass. It was a midnight walk through the night so we just took the chance to rest a little in the chairs. It came close to 8 and the photographers were starting to line up at the gate so we thought we would head over to see if we could get in. Since we were coming in as special guests to the event we had to give the man at the gate our names. In waiting for him to find us on the list a man came up to the gate to get in as well. After introducing ourselves he told us his name. His name was Charlie Withers, and he was a man that was recovering from male breast cancer. He has been in remission for 6 months and he along with his 4 other friends were going to do the walk together. We told him that we were there to donate our time and join the walk as we had always wanted to walk for breast cancer to support the cause because Sean’s mom has been in remission for 23 years now.

So , in we all went once the man found us on the list! We went into the tent and was introduced to some of the special ladies that were running the event that had allowed us join and to take part. We got our t-shirts, our hats, and marathon numbers. We were all set to take part in the evenings festivities. We got our photo taken by the Walk the Walk Photo guys and then headed over to the table to sit down for a little and have some snacks that they had available for us. As we were sitting down we saw that Charlie was now inside too and sitting on his own. So, we went to go over and sit with him but in the process he came over to us. We had a really nice chat and got to know more about him and his battle with Cancer. He was incredible as he was not afraid to talk about it or answer questions as he said the more he talked about it the more awareness and the more the word got out. What an incredible outlook and I found him to be very inspiring. Shorty, after being at the table his 4 buddies apparently sweet talked the event staff and worked their ways into the tent to join Charlie. So, there and then we had the pleasure of meeting up with the rest of his team the Moobwalk. What an incredible group of guys. They had all joined the walk to support their recovering friend to help raise awareness. Listening to them all before we set off for the night and their stories was so inspiring that Sean and I  decided that instead of walking the 13 miles which was the 1/2 a marathon we would try and complete the entire thing and not only would we be walking for Sean’s mom, I was going to walk for Charlie too! If he could survive and enter to walk the whole thing so would I. The guys were so nice they allowed us to join their group and then at the stroke of midnight we would set off together through the streets of London.

Before we headed off Sean and I entered the big tent where all of the 20,000 ladies and gentlemen were waiting to begin their walks. Because there was so many of us we were all divided into start times by colors with the first group of walkers kicking off at 11pm. As we walked around the tent there was all sorts of decorated bras and costumes that the teams of people were wearing. It was amazing to see what people put together and just the pure excitement as they waited for their go time. I could not help to think and wonder how they were each affected. Had they lost someone close to them, were they walking in support of a friend, or were they just supporting the event, or were they themselves a survivor. None the less it was amazing to see everyone together under one big tent ready to walk and do their part to raise awareness. As we walked around we decided to get a tattoo on our faces to show support and took a few pictures of some of the teams. Then before we left we were called up on stage with the rest of the special guests to be introduced as taking part in the event. It was a real honor to be there.

Then it was about 10 min before midnight and we were escorted to the front of the pink group to lead them off at the stroke of midnight, along with the Moobwalk. Everyone was pretty excited to get going. So, off we went on our walk. It was really amazing as mile by mile we went through the night walking through the streets of London and talking to the 5 new friends we had made. We walked the entire city not going over or repeating one step on the route. We averaged 3 miles for every hour. We got to the 13 mile marker and that is where we had originally said we would walk to but I could not stop. I needed to keep going because if Charlie could do it so could I and I was not born to be a quitter so I wanted to compete the entire thing. I was not doing it for me I was doing it for others and that motivated me to keep on walking. Mile by Mile we checked off through the night. Then the sun started to come up. What a beautiful site to see over the river. By this point we reached the 18 mile mark or close to. I started to slow down. We had been walking for about 5 straight hours now. But, I could not quit. We took at quick bathroom break, and we were off again. The only sad thing at this point was because there was a line at the toilets we lost of 5 friends that we had been walking with. But, we knew we had to keep going, I knew they were there somewhere ahead of us.

18,19,20,21,22,23,24 mile markers went by. We were getting closer but it was not easy for sure. My feet were starting to really hurt and I  was getting so stiff I did not think I could do it. But, I focused in and kept thinking I can not quit. I am not a quitter. I need to finish this. I can not give up when I am so close to the final marker. Just keep walking, just keep walking I said to myself and each step I took I knew I was close to the finish line. The hardest point was the last mile. Wow, it is incredible what you can push yourself through. We got to the 26 mile marker. Only .2 miles to go. We stopped for a moment to just watch there other walkers as they saw the pink balloons in site. Tears of joy from so many as they approached the end. I wondered what exactly was there story. But, it was so incredible to think that so many pushed themselves too the end for either themselves or for others. Wow, such a humbling feeling and experience. Then at 8:59 we got to the end and at 9:00am we crossed the line. We did it, I did it. 26.2 miles! A walk through the streets of London that started at midnight and ended at 9am. Nine hours straight of walking in support of breast cancer awareness. I urge you all at some point in your lives to do something like this if you can and if you can’t get involved in anyway you can to volunteer. To experience this and to help others in this fashion is really inspirational and life changing.

I found out later that day that my new friends that were the  Moobwalkers lead by Charlie had also finished the marathon at 8:30am that morning, 30 min before us. I was so proud to hear that and to think that they did it too. What an inspirational group of guys! I am so thankful that I got to meet them for my walk and not only finished it for them, for Sean’s mom, and also for all those that are touched by cancer.

So, there you have it! Our first ever marathon. Another thing that I have always wanted to do in my life completed and checked off my bucket list and for such a great cause and right by my side was my Sean. Its an amazing feeling when you can complete something like this and well just plainly do something for others!

I just wanted to now share the link to my new friend Charlie Withers blog. He is a survivor of Breast Cancer and he and his friends are working to create awareness though their group the Moobwalking Blouse Brothers. Great guys with a great cause! – Have a read, truly inspirational!

All the best to you all! Lets see where this week takes us! Jodeyne 🙂

My Tour Life On DOI 2012

Well, another season of DOI comes to a close. It is hard to believe that another year and now tour has finished. What an incredible experience we had performing to all of the thousands of people around England and to Scotland too. Each city that we went to had such amazing crowds and people performed for. So, much happened I will try to tell you a little bit about it and share my time and favorite memory with you. Lets see where should I begin.

OPENING NUMBER WITH JAYNE AND CHRIS AND THE PROS – I think that my most memorable experience with this number had to be listening to the reaction of the audience in every city when we backed up on the ice to the ramps and Jayne and Chris appeared for the first time. Even though we might have been feeling tired at the start of the show as soon as I heard that thunder of applause for them as they were seen for the first time was incredible. It gave me chills and such a rush of energy. Wow, what a cool feeling. I also think getting the opportunity to share the ice with them and skate together with all of the pros is such an honor. Jayne and Chris are truly legends and it is a privilege to share the ice with them and the other skaters. The smiles you saw were truly genuine.

SEXY & I KNOW IT – What do I say about Chico! He is definitely one of a kind. The two of us had such an amazing time performing to Sexy. We came out show after show and took our starting pose and the crowd would always go wild as soon as he began posing and the music started. It was such fun. It did not matter what kind of mood we were in as soon as the music started a rush of fun would come over us. I have to say I am so proud of Chico. He did very well the entire tour and continued to work hard and push himself show after show to continue to do all of the elements he learned in the show. Especially, the lifts. They are not easy but he did well with it all. Putting them each up show after show. Sexy was such a fun but technical number, and it was so fun to see all of the ladies reactions in the crowd to Chico skating with his top off and shaking his hips. I think what was cool is that even though that was exciting he had the skating skills to match it and night after night we got great marks for the performance in every aspect. He kept right up there with the leaders from this season and also with last years champion Sam Attwater. One other fun moment was the night Christopher Biggins after giving us a perfect 10 for our performance came around from behind the judges desk and surprised us all and had a pair of zebra print pants on and starting shaking his hips. So, funny. I don’t think I will ever be able hear the song Sexy and I know it ever again without thinking of the fun times I had on the ice dancing to that song. It was funny just a quick story to share. One of the series coaches came up to me closer to the end of the run of the tour and said it was so nice to see me look like I was having so much fun on the ice with the number and that it looked as fresh as the day they created it. It was such a cool complement as yes my emotions don’t lie and that number will always be one to remember as good fun and can’t help but put a genuine smile on my face.

ROCK OF AGES – I don’t think that I have ever performed and skated with such a more professional group as I did for Rock of Ages. I had one number to change my clothes before going on the ice for this number and even though I entered the ice a little tired I looked into the eyes of the others and it all went away. Nina, Alex, Lukasz, Brianne, Dan, Matt, and Sean, each of them are such special people and it was a pleasure to share the ice with them. It does not happen very often when you can work together with other pair teams and genuinely feel an up most respect for each other on the ice, no one trying to out perform the other. We just enjoyed the company we shared on the ice and just had a rocking good time.  True Friends on the ice! I will remember from this number Brianne trying to hit her opening spot light marker and sneaking into position as the lights came on (although she made it right on for her last show 🙂  ) , I will remember flying high in the air when Lukasz tossed me to Sean, I will remember grabbing Alex in the death spiral every show for our big hug, and I will remember the group spiral and even though we were feeling tired we pushed it out singing the words to the song and I will remember the smiles we shared with each other as we skated on the ice. Truly genuine fun with an incredible group of people and skaters. Each so talented in their own way! A true pleasure!

TEAM CHALLENGE – this was Nina and my favorite part of the night 🙂 I will remember seeing all of the crowd of people doing the YMCA with us as we skated, Nina and I creating our own dance while the other team was skating, us all getting bored while the other team was on and finding something new to do each night, therefore going on to the judges stand opening their books and writing fun notes for them to see, and us girls dancing with Biggins 1/2 way through the other teams number (he loved it and so did we), and Andy doing his one foot spin to compete with the other team when they cheated at the end for voting having the professionals spin. (Andy always got the louder cheer) It was all good fun.

SKATING THE BOLERO – Chico and I had the honor of getting voted to do the Bolero 6 times during the tour. The two most memorable times were the first night of the tour in Newcastle and in the birth place of the Bolero in Nottingham. In both of those cities we not only got chosen to skate the number but the judges chose us as champions that night. So, I will not only remember getting the chance to skate it but will remember when which is pretty special and getting to hold the trophy two times. I am pretty happy we got to do it as I think Chico did a great job of it and it was nice for him to be able skate it a few times on the tour!

THANKFUL – We created “Thankful”, by Josh Groban this year to say thank you to everyone who is in our lives that have helped get us to where we are today and to everyone who has given us love and support in our journey. Its to our parents, sisters, family, friends, fans, Jayne and Chris, and to anyone and everyone who has made a positive impact on our lives. I don’t think I have ever skated to a piece of music quite like this one when you are on the ice and you don’t hear anything except the music and the sounds of our blades. I wondered the first night I hope the people are not bored as you could hear a pin drop while we were on the ice, but then when we finished our routine to hear the crowds reaction was amazing. To stand in centre ice and listen to the people cheer for us and to see them give us a standing ovation for our number was quite the honor. Night after night and city after city it was such a pleasure to unveil Thankful to them and to see and hear the reaction to it was incredible. What a joy to perform and skate it for you all. I think now in reflecting back and after skating it and feeling all of the emotions while performing it I have to say there is one  special person I forgot to say thank you to and that is to Sean. After all of these years and this year it is now 22 years in June that we have skated together I am so thankful for every moment and experience we have shared both on and off the ice. Through all the good and bad times he is always there to share each moment with me and I am so thankful to have him in my life. So, to all of you who saw Thankful on tour and who have seen it on line we are so happy we got to share it with you and say thank you.  Those memories will stay with me forever. A special piece in dedication to everyone who has touched our lives!

OTHER TOUR HIGHLIGHTS  – the long bus rides, going to Scotland for the first time, signing karaoke with Heidi Range, all the pro girls buying a matching one piece (that has 69 jump in on them), listening to the crowd sing the start of “The Flood” when Chico and I skated to it, great catering from “Eat the Beat”, my dress coming undone, quick change after quick change, Bendy Bob, Karen Barber skating in the Team Challenge, Scottish Dancing at the closing party, Chemmy’s bubbly personality, going to the movies with our new friend Biggins, great hair drying from David, my make up and pony tails, seeing incredible history in the cities we visited, lots of Chico stories, Luke’s helicopter flying over the ice, Sean flying a kite on the ice, skate sharpening, meeting the fans after the shows, sharing the ice with incredible people and most of all great laughs with great friends. I am sure I forgot something but as always wow, what an experience.

So, that concludes DOI 2012. Another amazing year with incredible people and friends. I would not change any of it for the world. Both years that we have been apart of the show have been so unique and have given us memories that we will cherish. A big thank you to everyone that was involved with the show this year and to all of the fans that we entertained. I am so “Thankful” to have done what we have done and the journey we had.

Now, stay tuned with where our life takes us over the summer! We have some cool things planned and also we are always on the go so we are never sure what we will do or end up!

All the best! Jodeyne 🙂




I have a question for you all this morning. If you were to see  Sean take on a new adventure somewhere in the world where would you want it to be and why?

Looking forward to your responses and ideas.

Have a great day, Jodeyne 🙂


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Semi-Finals to the Finals of DOI 2012

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Wow, looking back over the last two weeks of DOI was incredible. It was such an amazing experience to not only make the semi finals of the show but to get voted into the Finals of the series! I knew from the start of the show in week one that Chico had the potential and it would take a lot of work but it was hard to imagine that dream of being in the final becoming a reality. But, we did it! PMA all the way!

The week of the semi- finals was a really hard week I think for me. First I think it was because the week before Sean and Chemmy were knocked out of the competition by Chico and I in the skate off.  Even though yes, we are competing against each other at the end of the day through the entire series and Sean and I are so supportive of each other it was hard for me to go head to head with them in Props week and then at the end of the day skate against him for our place in the semi final. It was difficult emotionally but at the end of the day we are always there for each other win or lose which is always nice to know. I did not like having to knock them out but wanted to see Chico push himself to his full potential and get to the final.

So, Chico and I headed into the semi finals and for our routine for the week we were given what was to be probably our most favorite routine of them all to the “The Flood” from Take That. I think after everything we had been through together in the series so far and just for me seeing how much Chico had leaned and progressed things really came together that week and when you listened to the song and the words it really meant a lot to the two of us in the series and also to each other individually in our personal lives. Also, as a challenge to get into the Final Chico had to skate the Ultimate Skills Test all on his own to earn him a place in the final, which was something that he kept up on and his basic skills were getting stronger so I had quite a lot of confidence in him he would do a good job of them. We were also lucky during training of the week we got to use Sean for our lifts that we wanted to do because Chico was really strong but needed to work on the technique of his lifts to push them further and since Sean was out of the competition it was great to use him as a secret weapon with the technique. So, along with Sean’s help we developed our most difficult lift called the “Monster”. It was a lift where Chico had to lift me on his shoulder, I would lean over on my side like a bar and then he would lift me into the air above his head sideways. I was really impressed that he mastered it as it was such a great moment in the routine. Also, the routine would have a difficult step sequence and other high lift and a banana spin. So, we were really pushing and challenging Chico’s limits. I have to say I was so pleased with him and how he took all the challenges of that week on board. It really I think showed he was not only worthy of making the finals of the series but he could be a contender to possibly win the series. The night of the Semi-Finlals was amazing. Chico and I, I think skated the best routine of the series that night. It was so magical. Each step and moment were perfect. I could not have asked for anything more. It gave us top spot on the leader board and then after the Ultimate Skills Challenge where Chico again earned high marks second place overall that night. We then had to face the public vote and managed to avoid the skate off sending us directly into the Finals. The two of us were like little kids. I will never forget that moment. Chico dropped to his knees and I was jumping up and down, and then I thought we have to get going out of here. We are live on tv and they have turned the light out on us now. The others need to skate, we better get to the benches before they change their minds. What a moment! I was just so proud of Chico we made the Finals.

Then the week of the Finals began. We thought the previous week was hard but this week of the Finals would push us all to the limit. We had to give it everything we had and we were going to to whatever it took to be “on point” as Chico would say. We were told we had to pick a routine that we enjoyed doing and although my first choice was “The Flood”, we thought getting “Sexy and I Know It” back out of the bag would be a good choice for the crowd and a great way to end the series with some fun. So, we decided to do it and to make it even more challenging we would put the “Monster” in the routine but we would add a double pump to it, to look like I was the bar bell and Chico was working out with me! Still to this day it amazes me he was able to learn it and do it so well in such a short time. What dedication and drive. It is something that had never been done on DOI before and to have a celebrity do it, WOW! It is not an easy lift at the best of times and with Sean’s help the dream of the lift became a reality.  We had so many laughs and good times putting it back together. I will never forget the looks and moments we shared.

Also, in the final week we had to put together two new routines. One being the Showcase and the other was we had to design and make up our own Bolero. The showcase was a lot of fun to put together as we were skating to Happy Days. I think it really was a great number that really showed Chico’s fun side. He always tries to be happy and positive no matter what the situation is and what better number to show that. We had the pleasure to skate with Sean and Frankie and also Alex and Luc. We made a great team. It was a super number and I think the cool thing was Chico was asked to do tricks in it that the other two professional boys were doing and he was in the middle of the two of them so he really had to keep up. What a challenge but also what a complement coming from Chris and Jayne the he could handle that. He did so well with it all and never complained a bit. He would play the role of “The Fonze”, so I think it was type casting it was just perfect. Then it was the Bolero. We had to create all on our own and make it something special. I think this is the program that I am most proud of from Chico because even though we did not get to perform the number live on tv in the series it will be also a moment that will stay with me for my life. Having someone that you teach your sport to for only a period of 12 weeks in our case and be able to watch and experience their development and then ask them to help you put together a number that tells the whole story is incredible. I think I am most proud of the amount of input Chico gave into it and how we were really able to work together to have a story line and keep it throughout the routine. It just really showed me how much the past 12 weeks meant to him and how much he had really taken on board and learned about performing and I think deep down in himself. He really found a calm place in that number when we put it together and well I have to say we had quite a few laughs too. One moment I have to share with you is that I was getting rather tired that week and I was struggling with some knee pain. It was all I could do to get down on my knees to start  the routine. He just looked at me and said “Old Lady” in his mixed up accent. You kind of had to be there but we just sat down on the ice and cried with laughter. We sure did have some fun.

Then it was the night of the Finale. What a roller coaster of emotions. We had a great day and practice and dress run went so well. We were both feeling pretty confident that we had done everything we could possibly do to come into the Finale prepared and ready to go. There was nothing more we could do. We were just happy to be there and considering how far we had come together in such a short time was nothing but truly amazing. It was pretty unbelievable when all is said and done that Chico learned as much as he did in just 12 weeks with me. It shows you really what a little PMA and hard work can do for you. The showcase was our first number and off to the ice we went. But, it was not meant to be. In the first lift Chico took the lift up and slipped as he forgot to have one foot in front of the other. I can not blame him as it is something that is ever so important for the success of lifting but there was so much to think of that week it was really at the end of the day incredible with all he did do and that was the only thing that went wrong. So, I ended up taking a small tumble to the ice. But, I got up and continued on we went and he did not give him. We got our marks and they were not as high as I am sure we could have gotten but I do give him credit for keeping going and learning to work through the hard times. We then had to move on to Sexy and I Know It. We just pushed on and got ourselves refocused and out we went. I was really proud of Chico. He forgot what he did earlier in the night and went on to give and outstanding performance of Sexy and I Know It, with the double Monster lift. Wow! Just amazing and we got an amazing perfect score of 30. We did not end up making it to do the Bolero that night and got voted out to end up in 3rd place. But, there was one thing that we tried for was that each week when we did our new routine we would push ourselves to go up in score and to keep bettering our performances and we did that. So, even though we ended in 3rd place in the end I was so pleased that we did reach our goal of continuing to push higher and higher. You could not do any better than a perfect 30 so to end DOI 2012 with a perfect 10 was just amazing.

So, that ended the series for this year. What an amazing experience it was. I am such a lucky girl to have had such a remarkable time and learning experience with Dr. Johnson Beharry VC last year in season 6 and now this year getting to work with Chico in season 7 was incredible. I have truly learned between these two men that anything can be possible if you put your heart and soul into something and that in life just to truly never give up. Having a Positive Mental Attitude you can achieve more than you ever imagine.

Now, it is tour time! I can’t wait to keep you all posted with our adventures. I am mostly excited because not only will I be getting to skate with Chico but I will get to skate with Sean on tour to our brand new routine that we have put together called “Thankful”from Josh Groban. We just want to show people how thankful we are for everything life has to offer and how thankful we are for each other.

Have a great day everyone and if you are here in the UK come and visit us on tour. We are traveling all over and even into Scottland so it would be great to meet you.

Cheers, Jodeyne 🙂

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I’m Sexy & I Know It

What an incredible week we had last week on Dancing on Ice. There were so many ups and downs and it amazing in those moments of adversity how it brings you together and makes you stronger as a person and as a couple or team.

Chico at the start of the week was still suffering from not feeling well and was challenged with not being able to be on the ice as long working on our tricks and steps. Also, we not only had to skate our own routine but work together as a team with two other competitors in the show which was Matt and Andy. So, each practice and time we were on the ice we had to work smart and precise as we did not have the luxury of as much time as Chico would burn out his energy fast.  We had a great time working with the two other teams. Lots of laughs and good times shared. It was nice for a change and it just made it all a little less stressful. It was the boys up against the girls so it made for an exciting event and challenge. I have to say though speaking as a bit of an insider I think as being on the boys team we had more of a challenge as  we had 3 celebrity boys that had to do all of the lifting and it was a bit easier for the girls team as they got to be lifted by three really good pros so I was proud of all of the guys on Team Matt for stepping up to the plate and doing really well lifting us and doing the best we could. Our routine was to YMCA so we could not help but have some fun with it.

Our other challenge came last week and that was with the difficult routine that was set for us from Jane and Chris. We were given not only one tricky lift but 5 in our routine to I’m Sexy and I know It. We have never been ones to change elements in a program and we wanted to push ourselves this week too, because we take on the attitude of that they would not set the routine that way if they did not believe in us to make it happen. So, off we went working on things step by step to get them into the routine. But, with learning knew things there is always a danger factor and in skating although it looks sometimes effortless it can be unforgiving and very dangerous. The idea is that although the move is difficult we make it look easy. We try to take as many precautions as we can and teach the celebrities safety in the lifts and steps but sometimes we have to face the reality that they have only been  just learning these moves and yes sometimes things do go wrong. And so therefore, it leads into our first major fall that we have taken this series. We were in the middle of getting our routine on the Tuesday and we were shown our new first lift of the program and we completed it successfully the first two times and then when we went to make a hand adjustment on the last one we pulled it in the wrong direction and I could feel Chico falling. It is one of those moments when everything slows down and you see yourself coming towards the ground and in reality it is a split second. But, somehow I managed to even though I hit my head tuck under and not get stuck with Chico’s weight on top of me or even worse my head. It was one of those falls that in the moment did not seem all that bad as when I got up I knew I had hit my head and my knee but it did not feel that bad that I could not continue skating my practice. But, when I watched it back I am a lucky girl as it could have been much worse. I am a pretty tough cookie and nothing much stops me but I am lucky in a way that I have taken some falls over the years and have a good idea how to save myself when things go a little astray. As soon as I knew Chico was okay and I think I was more worried about him I made him do the move again as he wanted to change it to something easier and I said nope lets go. That is one thing I have learned and that is not to be fearful. You have to be smart in what you are doing and trust your technique but you can not be afraid of something. So, in making him do it again it builds his confidence right back up. Keep it smart but also keep him confident and strong underneath me for that lift and any other we might try in the series.

The week was going really good and we were getting our new lift into the routine which was the star lift and all of the other tricky small lifts were starting to take shape as well. It was Friday and we were just cleaning up the final small details of the routine and during on of the run throughs we had another bad fall on our second tricky small lift where Chico has only my left leg to maneuver up and down to get me into the air. We over shot the take off on the second pass and my left leg shot up leaving me flying out of Chico’s arms and into the air about 4 feet only to land on my left elbow and left bum. We have nicknamed it the ejector seat. It hurt pretty bad but I did not want to show Chico I was in any pain. He is a trooper as well and did not want him to worry about me or the move unnecessarily. I wanted him to remain confident and smart about his lifts and not worry about the wrong things. So, again when I knew he was okay we got up and tried it again. So, all in all it was a big learning curve for him. To feel how just in one second your balance can change and with another persons weight you can be very vulnerable. But, it is hard to describe it to a person unless it happens. Now, he has felt a fall and has learned a big lesson in what to do and what not to do. I am very proud of him. He continued on throughout the weekend focusing on what to do and not what not to do and that make you stronger as a person and that is what this is I think at the end of the day. This show is more than a skating show. It teaches you so many things about life in general and I have to say I am pretty lucky working with who I have in both series on Dancing on ice and their attitudes to fine tune the details of what needs to be done to keep us both safe. Both Johnson and Chico have a really strong respect for me when I am in the air and try their best to keep me as safe as they can. But, the good news is I am a touch cookie and will do everything I can to keep Chico moving as far forward as he can in his journey.

Sunday night was brilliant. We had our highest score to date at 25 and had a really good fun with our routine. We completed all of our tricky lifts and moves really well. I was proud of him for not only enjoying the routine but focusing in to make sure each move had the right amount of concentration. Even in the group challenge although we ended up losing to the girls team and ending up in the bottom two when the scores were doubled we were still not matter what happened so pleased with the night. Everything went to plan and we leaped over some major hurtles together. I think that really showed when we were in the line up for seeing who was going through to this week. The look on our faces were just priceless I guess from what we were told. I think we were both just so thrilled to have had a great night and overcome our adversities and when we got through with the public supporting us was such a thrill. I guess what does not kill you makes you stronger and these past two weeks have been a real challenge between Chico being ill and me getting hurt and we have formed a strong bond to want to push till the end. The semi final and final is so close now. We came in to this thing with Chico as a reserve but we really want to show he has what it takes to be in the final. He said to me today that he has never ever in his life got to complete anything though to the end. And it would make me so proud to get Chico through to the semi final and then hopefully to the  finals. He works so hard, gives it 110% and had always came in everyday with such a wonderful attitude. It has been a real pleasure and I really would love to see him fulfill his dream.

This week is prop week and he is working hard and is feeling much better. The routine is again challenging and is push us to a new level . Not only do we have to manage the props but incorporate a fun character into the routine and also manage our big tricks. Hopefully, we will bring it all, entertain you, and  keep us on our dream of the final. Thanks to everyone so far for supporting us and keeping this dream alive for Chico!

Have a great rest of your week everyone. PMA all the way! Don’t stop believing!

Cheers, Jodeyne

By littleangelonice

Week 7 & 8 With My Chico

Hi everyone, been a busy couple of weeks but today I have the day off to catch you all up on the latest journey with Chico and our Dancing on Ice experience.

Wow, since it has been a couple of weeks I will go back and recap week 7 for us. This week was the Ultimate skills Challenge and since Chico is doing really well with all of his basic skating skills he did really well with this challenge. There was three different things they needed to complete in the routine that we set and going to be marked by the judges. They were a spin with at least 2 rotations, a jump, and a series of steps in footwork that everyone needed to do. Our music was from the new hit track from the Rizzle Kicks called “Mama Do The Hump”. So, right there we had the potential for having a really fun week and we did just that. I think we had the most fun we had so far in the series with the routine. On our performance night Chico did really well with the routine no only completing all of his skills with great quality but he added and did our second high lift and also a spin with me that we had not done before as of yet so I was really proud of him. We got our highest score from the judges so far getting a total of 24.

Then we started into Week 8 which was this past week and it was I think our hardest challenge together so far. We got our routine on the Tuesday and since it was Rock Week we were given a really cool classic track from Billy Idol “Mony Mony”. It was full of new tricks and moves and a really hard lift that had three parts to it that we did at the end of our routine.  But, on the Wednesday Chico came into training and was not feeling well. He had come down with the flu and was not able to train to his full potential. Then on Thursday Chico became bed ridden and was not able to come in and train as he was so ill. We managed to get him into to do a little training on Friday and get the new lifts going but it was a hard day as we could not go full out to make sure we spared his energy. When we left on Friday we were happy with the progress we made and could then start to see Sunday as a possible feat. We had a good Saturday but it was a very long day in the Studio for the dress run day and then Sunday due to the long day and Chico just getting over what he had started to run out of energy before the live show. His tank was running on empty and we had yet to do the live show. But, I have to hand it to him. He gave me all he had and got through it receiving our highest mark yet which was 24.5 and great comments from the judges. We got to the results show and at this point Chico was feeling really low and the last thing we needed to do was to skate the routine again, but that is what was to happen. There were three teams left to be decided who was safe and after sitting 3rd on the leader board I was hoping that we managed to do enough. We were standing there and were going to be up against one of two teams. One my friend Alex that skates with Sam or my husband and Chemmy. Three best friends waiting in the line up to see who would be against who. Then the verdict was told and it was to be Chico and I against Sam and Alex. It broke my heart that I would have to skate against my good friend but to stay alive in the show and in the competition we had to give everything we had and at this point Chico was fading and fading fast. Alex and Sam went out there and skated the skate of their lives together  which meant we needed to be even stronger than our original skate of the night. So, out we went. I told Chico to just believe to take a deep breath and listen to my voice and to take it one step at a time and that is exactly what he did. He skated the entire program in the moment and got through it. I was so proud of him. He just let everything happen naturally and let his blades flow. When we were finding out who was safe or going home it was such a terrible feeling and I think you could see it on my face. I wanted to go through as I was so proud of Chico because he gave 200% even though he only had 25% in his tank but I would be sending home my friend if we went through. I also was so concerned with Chico as well because at this point he was starting to shake as Chico was loosing more and more energy as we stood there. Then the results were reveled all three judges decided to save Chico and we were granted a chance to skate in the next round. What a rush of emotions. So happy for us, sad to loose such great people as Sam and Alex in the show and concerned for Chico.

We got finished the show and then as soon as we were off tv Chico needed to be taken to be seen from our doctors. He was done and had nothing left to give. Sometimes in our weakest moments in life we show our true strengths and he did that for me on Sunday. Gave it his all and even though we were facing adversity stayed positive and we lived to skate another day together. This show is not just a skating show where we teach celebrities how to skate. It is a program as well that I think reveals and shows people their true characters and what they are made of. Chico is one of those kinds of people and found it within himself to find what he needed to do in his baby toe and come of the other side. Each week helps to build more and more confidence within the skaters and is a constant learning experience about yourself inside and finding out what limits you can push yourself through and for me I am proud of Chico for doing that. It was not our easiest week together. But, I think it will stand out as the week that we learned the most about our characters within.

Now, on to this week. Week number 9. It is team challenge week and it is the girls against the boys that are left in the show. Chico and I are on Team Matthew which consists on Matthew and Andy! We have a really fun track that should get the audience up and going with us. It is nice to work with them all as they are all really great people. We also have our own solo routine this week that is full of challenges but day by day leading up to sunday we are willing to take the challenge to get the job done! We don’t want to end up in the bottom two again this week so we are going to try our best to do everything we can to impress the judges and all of you at home to keep us in this competition. Chico has more to deliver to this competition and I think has really just started to scratch the surface when it comes to seeing what he is truly made of inside when it comes to this sport of ice skating. This sport teaches you not only how to ice skate but so much more about ones true self and I would love to be able to say that we competed this journey we are on to the fullest.

Have a wonderful day everyone! I am going to go and enjoy my day with my hubby!

Cheers, Jodeyne

By littleangelonice

Unleash “The Chico”

Well, hello everyone hope that you all had a great week. It is hard to believe that it is already Friday and it is almost time for another weekend of DOI. The weeks just seem to be going by faster and faster as the show progresses.

Well Chico and I have made it through another round and are now on to this week which will be week 6. It is the 1/2 way point of the competition in weeks. Can not believe there is only 7 more weeks of the show, including this Sunday. This past Sunday was “POP” week and Chico and I got to skate to a classic British Pop song called Don’t Stop Moving from S Club 7. It was a great tune for Chico to get into the music and his element. The man can sure dance. I had to laugh when we were getting our routine for the week Chris asked me if I could match his hip shaking and I said nope I think that is going to be Chico’s staring moment. Yup, I was right tried to match and then Chris said yes you are right. The beginning is going to be all Chico! So, I said great I will be happy to stand there and do my own little dance while my DOI partner unleashes his inner Chico!

He did really well with the routine. It was a hard one as there was about a good 30 seconds of the routine where he was skating and doing turns and jumps all on his own with out having any connection to me. I was very pleased with him. He did so well. He has a tendency to get a little over excited which allowed him to have a couple of little mismatched steps but overall he did the program well and it was full of fun and energy. And if the program was not hard on its own with Chico skating on his own for so long they have him a really hard lift sequence where he had to cartwheel me and turn me to backwards at the same time, I then went between his legs for a backwards pull through right into a forward one. We also had a full arms roll up lift and a forward walkover. So, I really was being turned in three different directions during the routine. We had a great score from the judges and very positive and constructive comments from them as well so this week we have been able to take what they have said on board and have tried to implement it into the work that we are doing.

This weekend as you all know is leading up to Valentines Day. So, if you have not been out to get your sweetheart anything just yet you still do have time. But, for all of you DOI fans this weekend on Sunday DOI turns to romance and all of the songs will have a LOVE theme to them. Although, I can not tell you what we are skating to just yet, I am sure you will love it. It is a classic tune and I think just what Chico needs this week to keep enhancing his skating and performance level. There is also a couple of new tricks in it as well that he will be doing so it should when put all together make for an exciting performance and show. So, we have been working really hard at everything we need to do to prepare for Sunday.

This morning we also had the privilege to go on the Loraine Show here on ITV in the UK. For those at home it is a morning talk show. Chico and I were invited on to talk about our experience in the show so far and what is was like skating together and to talk about how he is enjoying the moment. It was a lot of fun. I like getting to do those kinds of things. I think it is the great reward of working so hard in the rink and practicing so when you get to go out into the public and talk about your experiences and give back a little it all makes it worth it.

Well, I have to go. It is lunch time here in the UK and I need to get some food before I need to head to practice for the afternoon. It is the final day of practice before the dress run tomorrow so we need to get all of the little details sorted out. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. I look forward to sharing the experience with you this coming week.

Here are a few photos from last week. Lots of good fun!

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Also, forgot to tell you it all snowed last weekend in the UK. My house mate and I went out and made a little snowman. I guess we will always be kids at heart. Our snowman “Omar” is included in the photos.




Chico “Mavrick” & Then The Duel

I can not believe it is the end of January today. The past two weeks have just flown by and I just realized that I have not written to you all to say hi and tell you all the latest in my Dancing On Ice experience.

Let’s move back to my second week with Chico. It was movie week and we were given the movie Top Gun. I think it was a really suiting movie for Chico and well what woman does not like a man in a uniform. So, we definitely had the Chico Sex appeal going. LOL!  We were given the song ” You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” so it was going to be our first routine that was made for the two of us. It was a great change for Chico and a great classic song. We were able to slow it down and Chico could get in touch with his more sensitive side. After talking with Chico many people only think that he is capable of only being cheezie but after getting to know him and working with him there is a really soft side to him so this program was perfect and he was able to show off his softer side with long lines and a strong presence. We through quite a lot of new things at him for that routine and he was able to really pick on to the basics of it all so I was pleased with the way it all came together. He is not afraid to try anything and is a real visual sponge.

The routine went over very well. We skated first which was a hard but great place to skate for the night as it was the first time ever in DOI history that they had 13 couples going head to head. So, skating first I think was a blessing as we went out on the ice skated a strong routine and therefore set the standard for the evening. I know Chico was really nervous for going first but he handled it so well and did a great job of our routine. At the bottom of the blog you will see a photo that we took after the night was over and we learned that we were safe and getting to skate in another week. The photo is from the training rink where we all went after the show to learn about the “Twist” for this past week. “The Duel” We are all dressed in our uniforms looking all neat and tidy.

So, that bring us to this past week when we got to experience for the first time ever “The Duel”. We were all given another couple that we were going to skate directly against based on the results of the leader board from the Movie week show. So since we got placed against Sam and Alex. It would be prove to be an interesting twist as we would have to go head to head with them and which ever couple the judges voted first they would go directly to the next week and would avoid the pubic vote. So, it was really important that we would skate well to move directly on to the next round.

It was a really challenging week. Torvill and Dean created a really tough routine for Chico with lots of new lifts and steps and even jumps. I know after we were given our routine it was at first pretty overwhelming for Chico and he felt I think like he was going to the Olympics. But, slowly as the week progressed he learned the tricks he needed to and by this past Sunday in the duel against Sam skated really well and gained the Immunity we were hoping for. Even though our song was “Under Pressure” from Queen, Chico skated really well under the pressure and then we got to sit back and enjoy the rest of the night and the skating. I was pretty happy that I skated our duel first so then I could watch the others and also cheer on Sean. He is still in the competition so far too. I was pretty happy although yes at the end of the day we are I suppose against each other this past week we were not against one another directly in the duel so was able to sit back and really enjoy his skate. He and Chemmy did well too and gained their immunity in their round too. The standard is really good this year and everyone is skating so well so it is proving to be quite the challenging series. Lots of fun but it is pretty unbelievable what the skaters are doing at such an early stage in the competition and I am pretty proud of Chico as he is really willing to give it a try and jump with two feet in with all we are trying to get him to do.

Here are a couple of photos from this past weekend when we were dressed as Freddie Mercury from Queen and as well as the ones from movie week when we were all dressed up for Top Gun.

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Well that now bring us to today. We have survived another week and are preparing for “Pop” week. Not sure what our song is yet but hopefully it is something fun again so we can “unleash  the Chico”. He has done really well with the past two routines but it is now time again for some fun to show off his moves.

Have a great week everyone, talk to you all again soon.

Cheers, Jodeyne 🙂